K1 + K318 Durer Teen Set


K1 Durer Desk : The First Painter in your family

  • Dimension: 86x60cm
  • High Adjustable: 53~77cm
  • Tilting Degree: 0~22
  • Desk top color available : white
  • Side stationery color available: blue and pink
  • Base color available: blue and pink

K318 Cupid chair – Love myth

  • Dimension: W55xD63xH80cm
  • High adjustable: 30~44cm
  • Fabric Color: red, pink love, green, plain blue, cubid pink

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Durer Desk : The First Painter in your family

Albrecht Durer : was a German painter, engraver, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist from Nuremberg. Durer famous works includes self-portrait and high-quality woodcuts. Meanwhile, he established his reputation and influence across Europe when he was still in his twenties. Almost people know his works, such as Praying hands ; Adam and Eve..etc. He has been conventionally regarded as the greatest artiest of the Northern Renaissance ever since.

The design of Durer desk inherits Durer's dedication and perseverance of art. And believe our children use Durer desk help them learning intently. There has a large storage under the desk which children can decide how to put stationery in each. Their growing's confidence just adjust the high of Durer desk. And adjust the tilting of desk top keep their work more efficiency.
And wish all children one day become a greatest artist same as Durer.

K318 Cupid chair – Love myth

A romantic story makes man and women become together. The God of love shoot a golden arrow and makes us to have own family. The cute infant is the crystal of your love. Sometime kids like angel as Cupid. But also like devil when kids naughty.

The concept design of Cupid chair
The best study chair is using Cupid chair. Because it is no only have good support backrest but also have comfortable seat cushion. Especially the backbone design have shows age scale that easy to adjust height. Children can follow their age to grow up chair. It is also suitable with naughty children because the chair have loading test can keep 300kg. Meanwhile, the production system is required from GS, Germany standard. Kids Master care all or design and materials.

K1 Durer Desk

K318 Cupid chair – Love myth

K1 Durer Desk

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